As the Cloud of Things Azure Relationship Grows, DeviceTone Featured by Microsoft


October 2020

by David Chouraqui

It is an honor to announce our DeviceTone IoT solution suite was selected by Microsoft in a second “success story” this year.

Several months ago, our collaboration with Hortica, AES MinIoT, and the Microsoft Azure IoT Marketplace was featured by Microsoft as a solution built on Azure IoT services, which enabled the rapid launch of a smart horticultural unit. The DeviceTone IoT Suite, used alongside modules from Cloud of Things partner AES, enabled Hortica’s system to be up and running in less than two weeks.

Cloud of Things is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, recognized by many as the most powerful community of its kind—larger than Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce combined.

In this latest success story, our Connected Field Service (CFS) offering, which enhances our clients’ electronic products by easily transforming them into smart products, is in the spotlight.

We continue to work with Prodware as one example of an Azure-based business solution. Prodware is an international digital transformation company that leverages technological progress to help businesses prepare for the future, fusing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure IoT, and Cloud of Things DeviceTone to dramatically improve customer experience.

As we head into another year of working with Microsoft, we are continually orchestrating IoT solutions with our partner ecosystem, creating new offerings for product companies who wish to modernize how they serve their customers by remotely monitoring and maintaining those products by adding simple, secure, and scalable sensors registered to DeviceTone’s IoT management platform, running on the Azure cloud.

Benefits of this comprehensive “end-to-end” combined offering include the transformation of field service, with service level agreements that meet and exceed customer expectations. For example, with the DeviceTone/Prodware/Azure solution, product companies can dispatch the right technician at the right time with the right experience using AI-enabled scheduling recommendations and manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling triggered by sensors that send data to the cloud-based application, streamlining workflow while significantly reducing operational costs.

The Microsoft team selected Cloud of Things for the latest success story given our adoption of their Marketplace Rewards to promote its connected field service solutions that run on Azure and are pre-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With the help of this program, we have reached more prospects and increased qualified leads by a factor of five, generating growing interest of US systems integrators and service providers.

We have been a Microsoft partner since 2018 and continue to work globally with product and utility companies to make their products and services smarter and more profitable by using the DeviceTone Suite on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. “Leveraging adaptive, low-footprint firmware and electronics on the edge with a robust device management and configuration system in the cloud,” the success story reads, “Cloud of Things enables cost-effective edge hardware and ensures better ROI in mass-produced IoT products and implementations.”

You can read the full new success story here.

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