Create a Competitive Edge with DeviceTone’s Compact, Intelligent, and Affordable IoT Gateway


June 2020

Ready to roll out Connected Field Services (CFS) offerings? We are making it simple to do so, with our full suite of IoT hardware, firmware, and software, which makes our entire DeviceTone IoT Suite “Plug and Play.”

Get Ready-to-Run into the market in less time, with less risk, and the full support of our expert team and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, where all our products and services are now available.

The new DeviceTone IoT gateway was designed from the ground up to support Managed Edge Computing, giving CFS providers complete visibility into all the products they wish to connect, manage, maintain, repair, and optimize, in turn delivering great customer experiences.


The DeviceTone IoT Gateway is a next-generation edge device designed to securely collect, analyze, and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment at the edge of the network. It enables a wide range of IoT use cases and delivers open and cost-effective connectivity combined with powerful edge analytics and off-line rules in a comprehensive package to help CFS providers deliver transformational solutions quickly and affordably.


Engineered from the ground up as an affordable enterprise-grade form factor device, the DeviceTone IoT Gateway provides you with everything you need for secure and managed connectivity – allowing you to connect any combination of systems and sensors to any enterprise network or cloud service. The integrated DeviceTone™ IoT Suite simplifies connected product development and accelerates time to market with tools that make it easy to connect your products to your IoT cloud and manage them at scale.

Flexible & Open

The gateway is compact and adaptable to almost any IoT use case. Its advanced modular design means the gateway can easily be configured to meet the specific needs of your dynamic business environment. You choose the capabilities you need based on the requirements. Integrated capabilities include a full-function router with DHCP, NAT, VPN, and firewall, with Ethernet, LTE/CATM/NB-IoT, BLE Long Range, Wirepas and ULE connectivity.

Learn more by clicking the DeviceTone Azure webinar link below or click here to open it in a new window, available for you to enjoy at your convenience.

View our live webinar with Microsoft Azure: Now available on demand

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