DeviceTone ULE-DECT IoT gateway

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The DeviceTone ULE-DECT IoT gateway brings to the market a ground breaking cost-effective automation solution.
Cloud of Things hardware design, and DeviceTone Plug&Play IoT firmware, creates a cost-effective IoT gateway leveraging ULE-DECT protocol for sensor deployment, with WIFI, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity.

DECT Ultra Low Energy (DECT ULE) is a wireless communication standard used to design wireless sensor and actuator networks for smart-home and office applications. DECT ULE devices are used in home automation, home security, and climate control

The basic ULE wireless network uses a “star network topology”; i.e. there is one main device, called “base”, which controls the network; the “base” is wirelessly connected to “nodes”, which usually are devices with dedicated functions, such as sensors, remote controls, actuators, smart meters, etc. Some examples of node devices – door locks, smoke detectors, motion detectors, remote controls, gas and electricity meters, baby monitors, elderly care, etc.

ULE communication range is among the longest in the short range wireless communication technologies: over 50 meters in buildings and up to 300 meters in the open air. For the few cases where this range is not sufficient, repeaters can be used to extend the range. Similarly to DECT, ULE can also use more complex network architecture, with several bases connected with each other to cover extended areas (such as offices and larger buildings).

ULE enables simultaneous data and voice communication; this means that sensors are not limited to indicating the event, but also enable voice interface. A good example is a pendant device for elderly care, which in case of emergency enables person carrying it not only indicate of an emergency situation, but also communicate with a remotely located caretaker, or service station as with regular cordless phone, but all with the simple press of a button.


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