DeviceTone® Asset Management for Simplified Tracking and Tracing

Every product that leaves your factory automatically commissions itself to your system, once connected to power, and becomes a part of your eco-system. Every device/asset that you need to manage in facilities/locations can easily be commissioned into the system, giving you a full view of your business deployment landscape.

Your business locations can easily be configured into the system, using DeviceTone Hierarchical Location Manager, and afterwards devices can be allocated to each location.

Devices allocated to your system are constantly monitored, data is transmitted from the devices to your control center at the frequency you set, and you can send commands to configure and operate the devices under your responsibility.  

Your customers, in turn, sees the products/devices that they own, on a similar Control Center as yours, enabling them to organize their machines / assets in a logical order, and monitor their activity.

View your devices in multiple ways including map view and graphs, with the ability to drill down intuitively to the related data.

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