Introducing Genie, a powerful Plug and Play, ready-to-run module.

Plug this module into any electronic product, and instantly gain full managed connectivity to your cloud instance!

This hardware module connects to your product using: UART / RS485 / GPIO / I2C interfaces.

Once connected you can configure it using our cloud DeviceTone management system to read data/send commands from/to the device.

This module also has pre-installed sensors for Temperature and Location (GPS).

You can have a working prototype in ONE DAY,  and an entireIoT system working in a few weeks.

If needed, we can quickly respond and supply a different module design according to your needs.

Get Started with our Special Offer: DeviceTone® Genie Starter Kit!

Upon ordering our DeviceTone Genie Starter Kit, we will provision a full IoT environment + IoT plug & play hardware modules, pre-integrated to your environment in the cloud.

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