DeviceTone® Control Center: Monitor and Control Data Transmission

DeviceTone IoT Suite handles a “Digital Twin” layer, reflecting the exact status of all customer’s devices/products in the field. This data layer is bi-directional updated. Every change you make in the cloud is propagated to the device itself and vise-versa. Using an intuitive user interface, Device Configurator lets you easily configure the data elements you want to exchange with your devices (Any data/telemetry that the device can output).

You can configure data exchange between the device and the cloud:

  • The sampling rate between our edge device and your product/host device
  • The reporting between our edge devices to the cloud (On any change /On significant change / On time intervals)
  • The granularity of changes to be reported to the cloud (Only if the value has changed in more than X)
  • The time intervals in which the device should report to the cloud
  • Which value should be transmitted to the cloud (Exact value, Average, Count, Summary

Using granular configuration options, multiple use cases can be supported according to business & environment requirements.

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