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Cloud of Things is an IoT and innovation company focused on supporting product companies in easily adopting IoT features. Based in Israel and the U.S., the company works globally with product and utility companies to make their products and services smarter and more profitable. with a ground breaking solution – DeviceTone IoT Suite, that enables creating a market-ready IoT solution in weeks. Leveraging adaptive firmware and electronics on the edge, bundled with a robust device management and configuration system in the cloud, Cloud of Things brings an outstanding solution to the market.

Cloud of Things full suite of cloud-based solutions are available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace, including the DeviceTone® Genie, an intelligent, ruggedized multipurpose device with zero-touch provisioning software built in. Within minutes, connected systems can be set up using Cloud of Things configuration tools; over time, updates to the firmware in the device can be made automatically, simplifying the entire life-cycle, reducing time to market and ongoing operating expenses.

Cloud of Things offers a range of Ready-to-Run devices through DeviceTone IoT Suite, including gateways and Plug and Play modules, while also providing custom firmware development of edge devices for manufacturers. Cloud of Things offers automated provisioning, registration, monitoring and management software compatible with most public and private clouds. Providing customers and partners their choice of orchestration platforms.

Cloud of Things technologies include cyber security resilience and data management and integrity features which ensure data ownership is protected, and data sharing is efficiently managed and monetized. The architecture supports managed services, including integration with billing and operation management and reporting systems. Running on Linux, Cloud of Things software solutions are easily integrated with existing enterprise systems and scale as more devices are added.

Cloud of Things also offers a range of pricing models which are as adaptable and scalable so product developers and service providers can pay as they grow. By providing robust management capabilities that enable flexible models across the data supply chain (including manufacturers, distributors, service providers and end clients) Cloud of Things breakthrough adaptive authorization features simplify collaborative solutions dramatically improving CFS and the related customer experience.

The Cloud of Things engineering team is among the most experienced and visionary in the world, with creative, responsive and collaborative leaders who work closely with clients and partners in the lab and in the field – from idea to prototype to market, quickly and effectively. As the number of devices, smart products, smart homes, smart buildings, smart workplaces, smart factories and smart cities continues to grow, Cloud of Things and DeviceTone IoT Suite makes the development and deployment of CFS applications faster, less risky, more practical, and endlessly creative.

Management Team

David Chouraqui

David Chouraqui

VP Business Development

David is a serial entrepreneur and senior manager with extensive experience developing successful companies and implementing new technologies. Before co-founding Cloud of Things, David co-founded SpikeIT, a value-added solution provider of cybersecurity products for the enterprise, government, healthcare and education markets. Previously, he founded TheSocialE, a provider of an advanced social networking platform. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President of Technologies and Business Development at Ness Technologies, one of Israel’s leading IT service companies, and VP of Technologies and Business Development of IPEX (which was acquired by Ness).

Eliav Gnessin

Eliav Gnessin


Eliav brings to Cloud of Things over 20 years of international technology management experience. Prior to co-founding Cloud of Things, he served as CTO and Head of Strategic Services at Quantum Wave Capital in Paris, where he lead a team of professionals focused on the technology aspects of M&As in the cloud computing and mobile Internet spaces. Previously, Eliav served as CTO at TheSocialE, a provider of an advanced social networking platform, and CTO & Lead Architect at Ness Technologies, a leading IT systems integrator in Israel. He is member of the Technical Steering Committee for IoT programs of the Linux Foundation and a recipient of multiple industry prizes. Eliav earned a B.A. in physics cum laude and a B.Sc. in computer engineering cum laude from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.


CloudSwitch™ is a DeviceTone® patented multi IoT cloud technology.  CloudSwitch enables customers to direct device data to their private cloud instance and therefore keep full control of their data and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR. The CloudSwitch Patent has been granted in the US and Europe and is in the approval process in China.

Thin-Client for IoT is a filed patent and is based on our vision that IoT sensors and devices in the future will be always connected to reliable fifth genertion IoT networks and therefore server-based-computing will become relvent for IoT. DeviceTone‘s Nano technology, our low-footprint firmware technology running on bare-metal chipsets, will serve as IoT Thin-Client for sensors.

IoT Load Balancer is a filed patent that enables redundency and high availability for IoT sensors and gateways. DeviceTone Nano for bare metal, and DeviceTone Edge for IoT gateways, can send two data streems from the devices to two IoT separate cloud instances, providing load balancing and high-availability for IoT sensors and gatwways.

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