Why do companies choose Cloud of Things and DeviceTone®? Our platform makes IoT easily implemented, secure and scalable.

Learn more about the challenges we’ve addressed, problems we’ve solved and innovations we’ve supported.

DeviceTone® IoT Suite supports dozens of connected systems, making it easier to set up and scale Connected Field Service capabilities across any industry. Learn more about what we’ve done for our customers, collaborating with our partners including Microsoft Azure .

VARTA has chosen Cloud of Things to harness the IoT revolution to provide its customers with supreme and innovative service. Based on our secure IoT platform VARTA provides its customers with an advanced monitoring solution that can accurately display the state of health/state of charge of mobile battery storage applications, and leverage advanced data analytics to alert on safety events and recommend the customer on better battery usage and charging to extend its lifetime.


Hortica, AES, Cloud of Things and Microsoft Azure have been working together to create a “Connected Cultivation” offering that addresses massive growth opportunities by solving fundamental quality, consistency and predictability challenges in the world’s first fully commercialized pharmaceutical grade cultivation units, managed remotely using the latest sensing and software technologies and big data collection to gain analysis and insights allowing them to build the world’s first Cannabis Cultivation Database.

Tondo’s mission is to transform every streetlight into an IoT Edge Gateway which supports a local network of sensors and controls that become part of a vast Tondo powered smart city network of networks. With Tondo, each fixture becomes the hub of a network, where lighting works hand in hand with sensors and controls – used in new and advanced ways. To stand out from the competition, Tondo needed to make smart lighting technology simple for manufacturers, for designers, for installers, and for users. Cloud of Things worked with Tondo to create their Smart City Smart LED Lighting and IoT hub solution leveraging the Azure cloud, making it possible to for the company to provide the following, implementing a platform connecting tens of thousands of end-points.

Based on Cloud of Things technology, Ranchpal has developed a precision dairy farming system.
Their system runs on advanced proprietary algorithms combining dairy science, expert knowledge, and machine learning to deliver real-time advice to dairy farmers, including continuously learning about each individual cow. We make it possible for the sensors to stay connected to the network and application so the people responsible for the health and productivity of the herd can be automatically alerted in the event of an anomaly.

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