DeviceTone® Technical Specifications

Plug this module into any electronic product, and instantly gain full managed connectivity to your cloud instance.

This hardware module connects to your product using: UART / RS485 / GPIO / I2C interfaces.

Once connected you can configure it using our cloud DeviceTone management system to read data/send commands from/to the device.

This module also has pre-installed sensors for Temperature and Location (GPS).

You can have a working prototype in ONE DAY!, and a whole IoT system working in a few weeks.

If needed, we can quickly respond and supply a different module design according to your needs.


The module is based on the Nordic nRF52840 MCU with the Quectel BG96 modem.

There are two main deployment options for the module:

1) The module connects to existing hardware – it is usually deployed into a machine /on the side of a machine, and interfaced to it using UART / RS485 / GPIO / I2C interfaces. The machine’s PCB may have 5V power supply on it and the connected interface is 5V. It may also be 3.3V.

2) The module is autonomous – it is placed in the field, without wiring it to anything.
In this case, the customer can use the two built-in sensors (temperature, position) and send readings + position to the cloud periodically or by a simple rule (threshold). This use case can be battery-operated or driven by a 5V power supply.

Board feature specification:

nRF52840, 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M4 CPU

Operating voltage
External interfaces with 3.3V or 5V option and on-board level shifter.

– Cellular CAT M1, NB-IoT, EGPRS
– BLE 5.0, GPS

UART interface
– RX/TX lines exposed
– 5V or 3.3V option

I2C interfaces
– 2 GPIOs exposed as an I2C interface
– integrate with I2C sensors or PCBs

– 4 GPIO interfaces
– connected with analog capability (ADC)

Half-Duplex RS485 interface (ModBus)
– 9600 / 19200 baud
– Isolated

Micro or Nano SIM
Soldered SIM (MFF2) option.

Optional battery or USB power supply
– 5V power supply (Micro or USB-C)
– Optional 3 x AA batteries
– Low power consumption in sleep mode

Onboard indicators
– 2 LED indicators for cellular modem (Netlight, Status)
– 1 LED indicator for general purpose (GPIO connected)

Operation temperature
-10 to +50 Celsius


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