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July 2020

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege to join Cloud of Things as the new CEO, and while I had experience in running very large information technology operations and R&D groups for the IDF and for the Central Bank of Israel, where I was most recently CIO and a member of the board, I didn’t have direct experience in the massive and dynamic Internet of Things world.

Because we have rockstars at Cloud of Things, including our talented CTO Eliav Gnessin, EVP of Business Development, David Chouraqui, and expert advisors in cybersecurity, including our board member Moshe Ferber, I knew the company would continue to grow, but I had no idea how fast we could grow with focus and friendships.

We’ve made several announcements in June and July, including the availability of our DeviceTone IoT Suite on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and our partnerships with Nordic and AES (minIoT), and today I am extremely proud to announce a third major partnership with monogoto, another company based in TelAviv, with a global cellular SIM secure IoT network available in over 170 countries.

Here’s how advanced both companies platforms are: after a few weeks of meetings and collaboration, we created a bundled solution that will make it simpler still – and even more secure – for manufacturers of electronics to turn their products into smart products in days – not weeks or years, and then deploy them at scale, literally globally – on land and at sea.

Since both companies offer everything “as a service” and support edge and cloud IoT solutions, we have literally made it possible to spin up connected solutions that are smart, secure, and scalable, just like spinning up a virtual machine.

Could Cloud of Things have become a globally available solution embedding connectivity with our platform with similar companies to monogoto? The answer is probably yes, but given the evidence-based on our tests, and given the nearly “DNA match” of our cultures and commitment to open standards, innovation, and open source, we were so persuaded by monogoto’s technology and the team that we selected monogoto as our sole global cellular connectivity provider (for implementations in more than one geography).

There you have it – welcome to the world of programmable IoT solutions with networking baked in. You can read the full press release here, but I thought you might enjoy learning more about monogoto in this post.

·        Monogoto is a Secure Cellular Core as-a-service enabling enterprises, manufacturers, and IoT startups with Secure Cellular Connectivity solutions for IoT/M2M use cases.

·        It provides network survivability and service resiliency, based on multi-network (local and global) coverage. monogoto combines this offering with a Private LTE as-a-service on CBRS or any other band.

·        This allows customers to build their own network alongside the possibility of interconnecting to multiple MNOs, all from the same SIM card using the same mobile core.

·        Offering a true self-service for cellular connectivity via a web-based management platform, monogoto provides advanced capabilities, currently mostly available to Tier 1 operators, such as full control over Data/Voice/SMS traffic, full visibility and monitoring of all network events, automated event-based alerts, advanced security policy enforcement, and global roaming control.

·        Every functionality in the monogoto network can be embedded into existing business processes (e.g., CRM, ERP, etc.) via its RESTful APIs.

·        With its multiple cellular profile container, the monogoto Secured IoT SIM has a globally redundant footprint in more than 170 countries and 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE CAT-M1 connectivity federating more than 550 cellular networks.

·        Supporting standard UICC (triple form factor), eUICC, and iUICC, the monogoto IoT SIM card guarantees compatibility to any IoT device/use case.    

Monogoto offers coverage in all major markets and is truly global, including its innovative “cellular suitcase” and the ability to roam into private networks like CBRS in the U.S. for service in remote places. (We will announce an additional partnership based in the U.S. next month).

We are aggressively going-to-market in the U.S., Europe, and globally together. Cloud of Things will co-sell monogoto as part of their solutions, and monogoto will co-sell DeviceTone as a pre-integrated, tested, and secure IoT platform ready to run on monogoto’s network connecting with monogoto’s IoT SIM.

For the first time, any company who wishes to develop and distribute smart products on a local or global basis can take full advantage of a real-time operating system using a single network with security embedded merged with a single platform based on Microsoft Azure’s worldwide infrastructure that can connect to any cloud.

Monogoto makes our relationship with Microsoft Azure even more valuable as every instance in every geography can now be connected over an advanced global network, where every device reports only to his designated cloud instance according to clients’ preferences. In addition to providing one of the world’s leading cloud service platforms, Microsoft Azure also contributes to the performance, agility, and security of the solution at the edge and in the cloud.

Thank you for continuing to follow Cloud of Things progress here on LinkedIn. Please join our team and me in welcoming monogoto to our growing partner ecosystem (which was also launched today – you can learn more about how to come along with us on our new Partner page) https://www.cloudofthings.com/partners/

Here is to global acceleration through innovation – and collaboration!

Originally posted on LinkedIn

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