We are partnering with Microsoft Azure and AES minIoT to support this breakthrough biotechnology company as they expand into the United States and other markets with connected cultivation units.

As global demand for high quality medical cannabis skyrockets, Hortica, Cloud of Things and AES announce innovative cultivation initiative. Hortica’s solution, which includes growing trays specifically designed for cannabis cultivation, includes a variety of sensors from AES (minIoT™) and edge-cloud connectivity, monitoring and maintenance software from Cloud of Things that has made Hortica “Cloud-Native” in no time. The solution includes real time control systems and remote management proven to improve quality, yield and consistency, while reducing operating costs and risk.

Hortica will also collect and analyze extremely granular data generated by sensors which measure soil elements, moisture, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and with that data influence adaptation based on the precise variety of the crop being grown and scheduling from seed to harvest. Data analytics will be done at the edge for some purposes, and in the cloud (running on Microsoft Azure) for other purposes, with AI and machine learning important aspects of the automated system.

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