Plug and Play on the Azure IoT Marketplace: Partnering with Microsoft To Simplify Connected Field Service



The highlight of our launch of DeviceTone® Genie this week was the webinar we co-hosted with Microsoft, featuring Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead – Cloud for Manufacturing, and our CTO Eliav Gnessin.

The objective of the webinar was to explain how DeviceTone complements Azure IoT, dramatically speeding up time-to-market, while mitigating IoT projects hurdles and lowering project cost, by providing a ready-to-run solution with a radical “Connect-Configure-Operate” approach.

Other benefits were mentioned, namely “CloudSwitch” – a patented technology that enables customers to retain their data-ownership intact, a feature Gnessin noted was in great demand, as customers want their sensitive data to reside on their own private cloud, also the robust device life-cycle-management and cyber security resilience features.

The webinar also discussed the advantages of Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, including its ease of use and continually evolving nature which brings in new audiences. Cloud of Things enhanced the Marketplace customer experience by developing an onboarding wizard that automatically commissions a full IoT project environment.

Across fields from Utility Management to Product and Manufacturing companies, Eliav outlined DeviceTone’s distinctive ability to deliver mass-produced connected solutions at unmatched speeds and effectiveness, noting that it “focuses on price-optimized, mass volume cases.”

Specific business applications of the DeviceTone architecture were discussed, including Operational Dashboards and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CFS.

Eliav also addressed the challenges facing Connected Products and IoT projects, with most taking two to three years to get to market, many cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and most importantly, a wrongful focus on infrastructure rather than business value.

A demo was then conducted, turning a regular Pulse Gas Meter to a connected product in no more than 10 minutes, using DeviceTone IoT Suite and its special configuration features.

Diego and Eliav finished the webinar by driving home the point about DeviceTone’s speeds, explaining that it only takes six days to have a working prototype, highlighting each step in the process, from shipment to installation to configuration. The fully functional starter kit is listed at $99 but the devices and services will be discounted when purchased at high volumes.

View our live webinar with Microsoft Azure: Now available on demand

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