Proud of our Patent, We Celebrate CloudSwitch!


June 2020

We were honored earlier this week to receive our official U.S. Patent certificate, granted in March. While we are passionate about the digital world, we were also very proud to receive this physical certificate, which represents another major milestone in our company’s history.

Our team, led by CTO Eliav Gnessin, has worked closely with our partners and clients to conceive, create, develop, and advance CloudSwitch™, a DeviceTone® patented multi IoT cloud technology.

CloudSwitch enables customers to direct device data to their private cloud instance and therefore keep full control of their data and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR. The CloudSwitch Patent has been granted in the U.S. and Europe and is in the approval process in China.

We have filed for two additional patents, including our Thin-Client for IoT, based on our vision that IoT sensors and devices in the future will be always connected to reliable fifth-generation IoT networks and therefore server-based-computing will become relevant for IoT. DeviceTone‘s Nanotechnology, our low-footprint firmware technology running on bare-metal chipsets, will serve as our IoT Thin-Client for sensors.

Also filed and patent-pending is our IoT Load Balancer that enables redundancy and high availability for IoT sensors and gateways. DeviceTone Nano for bare metal, and DeviceTone Edge for IoT gateways, can send two data streams from the devices to two IoT separate cloud instances, providing load balancing and high-availability for IoT sensors and gateways.

We welcome you to learn more about our innovations and inventions, and to help you take advantage of technologies we are confident will impact the progress of connected field service and the IoT and Industrial IoT for years to come.

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